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Fire Protection

Sprinkler Systems, Standpipes, Fog Systems, Deluge Systems

Fire Protection Pump




Fire ProtectionMarket served by Patterson, Mansfield, Patterson Ireland, International, AMT and Canada.

Patterson Pump Company and its Ireland-based subsidiary manufacture an extensive selection of centrifugal pumps and systems to meet a growing global demand for automatic sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, standpipes, fog systems and deluge systems. Our pumps stand ready to fight fires and their destructive potential in hotels, banks, factories, airports, schools, public buildings and countless numbers of other large installations worldwide. Their rugged dependability has made them the preferred choice in numerous large installations around the globe.

Gorman-Rupp’s Mansfield Division produces a line of smaller, high-pressure truck-mounted pumps that allow fire departments to siphon water from pools or ponds when hydrants are not available. To do the same job in even tighter spaces, our AMT Pump Company subsidiary produces smaller pumps that are even easier to transport.