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Clean Water, Sewage Handling, Pressure Boosters, Lakes, Rivers, Coastal Areas, Canals, Levees, Dams

Municipal Pump




MunicipalMarket served by Mansfield, Patterson, Patterson Ireland, International, Canada, Europe, Africa, AMT and National.

Gorman-Rupp helps municipalities provide residents with clean drinking water every day. Our extensive line of municipal clean water and above- and below-ground wastewater-handling systems includes pumps, motors, controls, piping, and accessories that are often housed in corrosion-resistant fiberglass enclosures and are ready to install on site.

Our pressure booster stations and systems are the solution to low water line pressure whenever and wherever it occurs. Gorman-Rupp Auto-Start power pumping stations automatically convert to standby engine power during power failures, eliminating the need for expensive generator systems.

National Pump Company provides municipalities with deep-well line shaft and submersible pumps, while Patterson Pump Company’s large volume products – such as split-case, centrifugal, axial flow and vertical pumps – allow larger cities to maintain dependable water supplies.

Patterson Pump Company produces flood control pumps that are engineered to move large volumes of water quickly and continuously in capacities of more than 700,000 gallons per minute. Patterson is one of the few companies in the world that has the facilities, engineering expertise and manufacturing experience to produce pumps of this magnitude.